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Posted on November 5, 2022 by Victor Sander

Clarity is really a quality most of us aspire towards. When one begins a spiritual journey, it is almost always done with some initial clarity. Clarity is really a prerequisite for walking this type of path and usually linked to the opening of our third eye, the attention of understanding or generally known as the divine intellect. Without clarity the 'third eye' is blinded.

A divine intellect has true discernment; hence it generally does not get caught in the mire of such questions as what, when and just why. In addition, it sees the reality and isn't easily fooled. It knows that that glitters isn't gold.

A clear mind originates from an obvious intellect. Clarity of mind shouldn't be misinterpreted being an "empty mind." A clear mind is merely that, one empty of its truth, of its power. And an obvious intellect, however, is balanced with the wisdom of knowledge (sound) and the purity of yoga (deep silence).

A soul with inner clarity can easily see its role, its destiny, its strengths and weaknesses. When I understand my strengths, i quickly am in a position to build in it and when I understand my weaknesses, i quickly can transform or manage them. A soul with pure insight and a clean and honest heart will concentrate on personal transformation and empowerment rather than on the defects and weaknesses of others.

An intellect that is not clean will are generally drawn to whatever is negative and become filled up with impure motives and intentions. The judgement is then impaired and can inevitably be reflected in words and actions; feelings of envy, dislike and prejudice will undoubtedly be created. Because of the influence of such feelings, the intellect loses the energy to discriminate and also the capacity to reason.

With clarity we're able to understand and accept the importance in each scene of the drama, allowing us to get the strength to place a complete stop to your own thoughts or actions if necessary. Clarity is wisdom in its simplest form. Once we experience it and develop it within, it's our strength and protector. To empower our self through clarity would be to indeed open our third eye, that's, to call home in awareness rather than be blindfolded.