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Energetic Healing

Posted on February 10, 2024 by Victor Sander

Energetic Healing is founded on quantum physics. From that time of view, any disease, emotional disturbance, conflict or mental problem can be explained as a disruption or distortion within the informational energy field.

Energetic healing aims towards correcting dissonance within the info field of your body that enables your body to heal itself naturally. Besides addressing health issues, energetic healing could also be used for preventing health issues by detecting problems in the energetic field before they materialize physically. Issues that easily manifest as bodily symptoms are negative thought forms, conflicts or emotional disorders.

Energetic healing runs on the broad spectral range of healing modalities from western and eastern traditions. Included in this are body movements, breathing techniques, acupuncture, toning, overtone chanting, tuning fork vibrations, light frequencies, creative expression and affirmations.

Energetic healing addresses body, mind and spirit being an integrated unit, instead of treating these levels separately.

Energetic healing zooms directly into the core of the issue shifting the energetic patterns that keep physical symptoms, destructive emotions, life-depleting habits and negative thought forms set up. It's like focusing on the stone that you throw into water instead of focusing on the ripples that the stone creates on the water.

Energetic healing works together with wave patterns that reach beyond time and space. Therefore, you may use it for distant or remote healing. Personal presence is not needed to benefit fully as a result.

Are you wondering how that works?

This can be done because within the reality that people are accustomed to see, there exists a deeper degree of existence that extends itself beyond time and space. Quantum physicists call this reality the quantum field or perhaps a holomovement.

Eastern tradition knew about any of it because the giant web where each one comes with an important role to play. Each individual is important, be it good or bad.

We all have the ability to grab information from the field of knowledge that's invisible to your eyes. In case you are sitting in an area and you also suddenly obtain the idea that you need to water the plants, you're actually picking right up information from the plants.

We call that capacity intuition. This is a capacity of our right brain to perceive information in a holistic, imaginative language. Most of us have that capacity available but because our educational system strongly targets the rational mind we have been not trained to utilize this capacity consciously.

We know from brain research that the mind has a group of filters that only lets that information pass that produce sense to us with regards to past experiences. This limited view of reality helps us to remain sane in a global that otherwise would flood and overwhelm us with an excessive amount of information that's constantly streaming in to the brain. With training, it is possible to figure out how to expand the filters and generate more awareness.

Just utilize this day to observe how many information you select through to a fly, sort of half-conscious or being an image or simply a knowing. You might be amazed.