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Self Improvement and the Power of 'Why'

Posted on August 19, 2021 by Victor Sander

The first step to self Development and achieving any goal is to determine exactly what we want. If we aren't totally clear about what we really want it's not possible to make plans and take actions to achieve it.

It's also crucial to understand WHY we need whatever it is we need, since it is our'why is' that determine the strength of our desire, and our ultimate success in attaining our targets.

By way of example, say you've decided you want to save or raise $10,000 in the next six months for no reason in particular, expect maybe that you're bad at saving and you wish to develop this ability.

Compare it to the'why' of parents that wants $10,000 within six months for a life saving operation for their only child? Which of those two'why is' is likely to evoke the overpowering desire and iron-willed decision to take the action necessary for success?

This isn't to imply that goals will only be achieved if they're for altruistic motives. We can attain any honorable goal we set for ourselves if we give ourselves a large enough reason to achieve it.

The least significant part is the'how'. As soon as we decide what we want, and our motives for wanting it are powerful and persuasive to us, and we fully expect to be successful, the'how' will come to us. Our subconscious and conscious minds will concentrate on our objectives, and what we spend the majority of our time thinking about we'll bring into our lives.

This will let us create the programs and take the actions that will culminate in us reaching our targets. We'll also become on the abundance of the world. We'll often be assisted by unexpected events and opportunities, or meet people that could help us. This doesn't mean we'll reach our goals with very little effort on the part - there is no doubt hard work and doing actions are a vital part of the procedure. However, once we have a massive enough'why' and concentrate on how it will feel when we reach our objectives, it often will not feel like hard work.

If this sounds fanciful and too easy to be true, self improvement experts can explain the procedure in more detail and provide tools which will help us to exploit these abilities. The key thing to understand is that in does work - with persuasive enough'whys' and overall belief that we'll succeed.