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To Lie Or Not To Lie

Posted on October 13, 2023 by Victor Sander

Truth is a great value inside our society since forever. Since we were very young we were told to be honest, irrespective of its consequences. We were even told that, if we told the reality regarding some mischief or something, we wouldn't be punished. Often we weren't, though often, the mischief was just too great to be pardoned.

In some cultures, telling the simple truth is no absolute maxim, though it really is encouraged. Some countries own it really bad, for, because of lies, or the lack of truth, officials are impugned and corruption runs amok, thus causing great detriment to society all together.

So, will there be a happy medium between telling the reality and transforming an undeniable fact into what we call a white lie? Once we see often, telling the reality no matter what has its costs aswell. Inside our daily lives, there are several circumstances where telling the simple truth is not necessarily advisable; on the other hand, it really is to be condemned, due to the fact our truth may hurt someone. We have to remember that our value may unnecessarily hurt others.

The Buddhists say that we now have 3 instances which require our awareness regarding being totally honest:

Is it the absolute truth?

This implies that we have to be 100% sure what we have been going to say has undeniable facts mounted on it. No margin of doubt should exist regarding our facts.

Is it essential?

This implies that unless we have been creating a difference for the higher in people's lives and therefore, help them over time, we might aswell not say it.

Is it kind?

This implies that we have to consider whether we will needless hurt people or, on the other hand, make them feel much better. No one has a right to be hurt.

Let me offer you a good example. You learnt your friend has been cheated upon. Your friend suspects and asks you. Shall you tell your friend? To choose whether you need to, answer these questions:

Do you have proof? Are you currently absolutely sure of the fact? Is telling the reality going to change lives in your friend's life, for example, is this possibly causing a fatal illness? Just how much are you currently hurting your partner? Does this person deserve the humiliation that will possibly destroy their lives?

Even if the truth is slightly thing, such as for example telling your friend this new haircut looks very ugly, perhaps we have to guard ourselves. A white lie could be the answer to a hardcore question to which no answer can do.