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Turning Obstacles Into Blessings

Posted on August 14, 2022 by Victor Sander

In virtually every part of daily living, there are barriers that keep you from accomplishing your objectives. Whether the barriers are in conducting a business or in managing a personal crisis, the objective is the same. You have to get above it, over it, under it, or around the barrier.

Whenever you are confronted with an obstacle, learn how to see it for what it is. Consider ways to remove it, or allow it to be harmless and not so significant. By making the barrier weaker and less significant, you make yourself and your business more stronger.


- Never dwell on the reason for the obstacle. Rise above it and change how you respond to it. It only has as much power as you are prepared to give it.

- Check your own attitude. Know that you are able to control the results, and/or to pick the answer that's appropriate for you.

- Think of an Option. If one answer does not work, or if it does not feel right, try another way to reach the best solution.

- Realize that your perspective of this obstacle is what may ascertain how much impact it has on your life.

- Consider what you were doing just prior to the barrier occurred. Do not make excuses to yourself. Turn the barrier to a positive motivator. Then find a way to move toward your objective.


- FEAR OF FAILURE. Can you think of all of the reasons not to pursue your goals as you might fail? What if you make a wrong option? What happens when something does not work out? These can be mind numbing experiences. Ask yourself whether your fear prevents you from doing your best, or in the event you might lose a customer or friend for this.

- GUILT. No act, either large or little should make another person feel guilty. When you give your best, you don't have any reason to feel guilty. When you trust your emotions and are accountable for your actions, you won't have any reason to feel guilty.

- CRITICISM. The Golden Rule prevails here. When you do (criticize) unto others, it (complaint ) will be done unto you. If you can not take criticism, do not criticize others. Establish boundaries between you and your critics. Try not to return criticism with criticism. You'll be the better person.

- DEFEAT. This barrier is in your attitude. The more stressed or overwhelmed you're with tackling challenges, the further defeated you might feel. Let your beliefs work for you and know that with your skills you will get it right. Sometimes, you might have to connect with a greater source of power. If your spirituality or belief is powerful you will overcome any obstacle.

- CONFLICT. Dealing with difficult situations, and difficult people can be very intimidating. What do you do if you end up in a frustrating situation? Are you passive? Aggressive? Or, assertive? When you've identified the particular issue, have a deep breathe, then behave or talk to your honest feelings and get closure on the circumstance. For instance: if you will need to confront someone, be certain about what happened and how it made you feel. Then get your point across without hanging on to your anger. Start looking for a positive result --one that will benefit everybody involved.

Obstacles are just temporary misfortunes. Next time you encounter an obstacle, whether it's fear, guilt, defeat, criticism, or a conflict in your own life or business, do not forget that you have a option to turn any obstacle to a blessing. Have a look at the people you interact with. Are they fair? Positive and upbeat? Respectful? Pleasant to be around? Are you the same? If so, then your barriers will be at a minimum.

Think of other obstacles that may hold you back from success. Recognize them. When you experience an unmovable obstacle, confront it and learn from it so that the next time you'll be stronger and faster to get to a positive outcome. Be positive. Be respectful. Be powerful. Be pleasant. You always have a choice.