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Why? The Secret Gateway to Your Life

Posted on March 7, 2022 by Victor Sander

Most people today know what they want. They simply don't have large enough reasons why they want it. Knowing why you want something, why you actually want something is among the greatest keys to your success in everything. The larger the reasons why the simpler the"how to" becomes.

The"why" or reason you're doing something must be more powerful than the non-supportive beliefs, motives, and excuses you have not to do something.

Lots of folks focus on trying to get rid of what's getting in their way. And if you create large enough reasons , that stuff does not get in your way anymore.

Most people who begin to make a change or improvement in their life never follow through because they don't understand the power of"WHY."

So let's get those reasons right now.

Why should you have something? Why is it absolutely critical that you've got it?

What's the reason that's going to have you jump out of bed in the morning, set your soul ablaze, give you the inspiration to follow through and have what you need and make it impossible for you to lay around and do nothing.

The most amazing thing you can do for yourself is have a big enough reason why that completely lights up your life and remind yourself of that reason each and every day.

Figure out what you would like.

Remember, you can want more than 1 thing, and you can change what you would like. Each one knows what they need, it's only some people are fearful. What if I do not' really want that, what if I am unable to get it, what if I need something different. Do not worry about all that. Go for what you REALLY need today, and if you would like something else later, you may change your mind.

Get yourself BIG motives.

You need to create reasons which are an 11 on a scale of 10. Just like when you look at these reasons, they're an 11. They really turn your crank and light you up. The reasons are so inspiring they keep you motivated daily. So ask yourself why? Why do you need this?

Focus on what you want

Visualize this, pray for this, ask for this, meditate on this, or whatever it is you do. Place feeling into it, write down the reasons, place it somewhere you'll see it each day. Look at it daily. Get motivated by it. They key to getting everything you need is focusing on what you would like. Putting feeling and emotion in your focus can help tremendously. Emotions and atmosphere are a driving force or a power to help make the manifestation you desire. Focus on what you would like.

The best thing you can do is make these explanations for anything in life you need that you aren't getting. If the motives are big enough, they'll be bigger than anything which may have stopped you before. A huge enough reason makes the how to simple.