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You Alone Can Change Yourself

Posted on May 9, 2021 by Victor Sander

First of all stop browsing for these subjects as motivation, self improvement, success and all such similar things. If you're searching for some academic purpose it's OK .But if the objective of your hunt is to change yourself, stop it right now. You don't need to search for that answer online or in any publication, or not even using a motivational expert. The solution is with in you, and you understand very well as to what's wrong and right with you.

You must have thought several times for many hours over a time period, and you learn how to change yourself. You also know if a change is essential whatsoever, will the change bring about more happiness, will it add value to me at the society, will it give me mental peace . Do not think of changing your self, just for the sake of motivators and character development speakers. These people charge up you for a day, and you'll be back to square one, the following day. They do not sit for days together; since they're already busy enough bombarding people with books and speeches.

Take as an instance you had a heated argument with your boss in the workplace, few minutes after your mind automatically begins analyzing the circumstance, and you'll attempt to judge and warrant. You may express some of the feelings resulted from the investigation, to your friends and coworkers or your loved ones back home. You will take under account their feed back and re-analyze the awful situation you faced with your own boss. If your fault was , you know it very well and may be you will attempt to prevent such things in future or attempt to rectify the fault you've done. If the boss's part was , you pretty well know that you need not bow down to the boss, or feel for the errors you weren't responsible. But often we don't accept our mistakes, or you might attempt to please the boss even if you weren't liable for the mistake. A self improvement book or a motivational speaker advices you to avoid such situations by foreseeing the thing, or they ask you to accept the facts, or they might also advice you to revolt against your own boss.

But ultimately what has to be done or what shouldn't be achieved, can be examined by yourself and your mind automatically doest it. Though you might not implement in fact, the thought processes of your mind, these fit very nicely with the advice given by character development experts, motivational speakers etc.. Ofcourse, if you compare with no prejudice.

If you're not confident of yourself and not capable of performing self analysis, then you may require counselling help, or get benefited by a character development expert or the help of a motivational speaker.Yes lots of the motivational books and experts in these areas can be of great support to direct you.But you should be careful not to blindly believe they can transform your life simultaneously.

A lot of times, some unscruplous counselors, that are busy making money through character development techniques and games, cause anxiety and cause low self esteem in areas and make them feel that they lack tremendously in motivation or they suffer from emotional disorders.Never believe that these are ailments, and never feel that these minor flaws can be treated only under the expert advice of a character development specialist or that of a motivational speaker.These flaws do occur with all of us in one stage of the time or another, and a mature person is capable of adjusting his flaws.

I don't discount the significance genuine experts in these areas. Before, our elders in the family and neighbourhood used to direct usduring our ups and lows.Now this form of guidance needs to be purchased from personbality development experts and motivational speakers.